100-day project: Faces [5-6/100]

Busy days here in the heatsink of Seattle, news helicopters floating over the neighborhood for the protests. It’s a wild world, hopefully on the verge of a better one. I’m just at home half-assing home improvement projects and melting into a puddle of irritable, sunburned sweat.

Here are the two faces I drew on Friday and Saturday to stay on top of this 100-day project. My worry is that if I skip a day in order to do something extra good the next, I will not remember to get back on the face-a-day train. What’s the difference between knowing your limits and fearing them?

A pencil sketch of a middle aged white man with glasses and a jocular expression.
A sketch of one man in a photo from Shorpy.com, 7-25-2020. From “Bovey Blasters: 1941” by John Vachon, https://www.shorpy.com/node/25498
a pen sketch of an actor shouting in anger
A sketch of the actor who once played Shaggy in “Scooby Doo”, seen here as an accused murderer and angry cuckold in “Twin Peaks: The Return”. Papermate Flair Pen, 7-26-2020

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