My Projects:

I am very proud of my 13-odd years at Backstage Actors Theatre as their graphic designer. Here is every poster I’ve ever made so far:

I’ve been sewing a lot lately. I’m unsure whether I should put those projects on this web site or not, so for now here is a single post about it:

My ill-advised hobbies:

Do you like movies? Why not become my online friend on Letterboxd, a website like Goodreads but for movies. I promise, my reviews will not be helpful.

Do you like hallways? Or are you ever indoors? I have an instagram blog about hallways. I usually only keep it up when i’m feeling sorry for myself, but if you have a hallway I would welcome the chance to include it. Please email it or send it to me on instagram.

Websites I am delighted by:

Window Swap See what others are looking at out their window.

under construction graphic