In between projects for others, and looking for new employment, and catching up on household chores, I have made my own fun. Here are a few sketches and trifles from the last month.

Here is a pandemic birthday card for myself, animated clunkily in Photoshop.
I rescued a large old window from a parking strip, and now have plans to paint something like this on the glass–in reverse! Why? Because I like to make things difficult.
I made a mahl stick to aid in creating such a painting.
To test out the mahl stick, and to give myself more external motivation, I painted myself a boss from whom I then hid in another room.
In my job search I am trying to beat back feelings about my identity as a worker–how to you convince employers to want you if you are not sure what you *should* be asking to be allowed to do? I ended up spending a lot of time on this background pattern in Illustrator.
I painted this trying to figure out a Photoshop feature. I used to experience nosebleeds very often as a child, but no longer. Too bad, too, it was dramatic way to externalize feelings of stress.
On a happier note, here is a doodle of me feeling very proud of my new sewing project.

Having the time to act on artistic impulses has been a real gift, and a privilege I both wish to savor and which I feel a great deal of pressure not squander.

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