Hi, I’m Stevie and I’m and artist, cartoonist, and graphic designer/illustrator who lives in Seattle. I’ve started this blog to document my experiments and creation of work now that we have the pandemic and I no longer see my life energy dribbling down the drain on my two hour commute.

I send a biweekly artwork newsletter with all the fixin’s (art, process, complaints, hobbies, photos of unidentified insects), and I can send it to you, too! When you┬ásign up┬áhere, you can also choose to only receive emails when I have something to sell you: commission availability, new products or bodies of work, upcoming exhibitions and events, etc. There’s all that and more here on the ol’ blog, but maybe you’re someone who wants to stay apprised of my exploits and who doesn’t want to have to remember to come back to this web site. You know your life better than I do!

I have designed t-shirts you can purchase here.

Yes! I’m on social media:
Twitter: @Spoolses
Instagram: @stevie_for_reals
Letterboxd: @Spools
Facebook: I quit this and it felt good, would recommend.