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100-day project: Faces [7-8/100] – mermaid alert!

Last week I tried to rustle up a donations drive to support the protestors getting their heads bashed in by local and federal law enforcement in Portland and Seattle, offering free mermaid artwork to those who participated. Only one person did! Let’s hear it for a real one, my friend Amanda. Here she is as a Mermaid.

Photoshop drawing of Amanda as a mermaid
Amanda as a mermaid. Photoshop, 7-30-2020
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100-day Project: Faces [2/100]

I love to watch the CBS movie-of the week series Columbo, starring Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo. It’s very appealing to watch a competent detective character go head to head with a legitimately bad person and win through sheer working-joe legwork and psychological gamesmanship–too many TV detectives rely on magical leaps of logic that place them outside the realm of mortal men. Then again, too many shows have cops in them.

Because it amuses me and my friends, I’m drawing Columbo so I can put him on a box of cereal marked “Columb-Os”. Here is my progress so far–chalking this up to my 100-day project because I need to stop working for the day.

half-finished, close up portrait photoshop painting of Peter Falk as Columbo
Columbo detail, photoshop, 7-21-2020

And thus, a blog was born.

As all wordpress websites begin, so does this: Hello, World!

I generally find blogging difficult, but after two years putting out a biweekly newsletter (you may sign up here if you prefer reading emails to looking at websites), I think that this time I can actually do it. After all, I’ve poured so much attention into Facebook and Twitter that my phone is now legally a horcrux, so surely I can spread that mess around to a service I pay for myself, right?

Anyhow, I will make an art post tomorrow. But for now, hello, and thank you for joining me on this blogging journey.