Tee Shirts!

I finished a load of humorous tee-shirt designs (or stickers, if you prefer) recently, you may enjoy them or some of the older ones I have available on my Tee Public page.

The logo for a haunted burger joint: details

Three out of the other four are a little off-color so please click through to see.

My feelings on the election. “What election?”: details
I found this sketched in a very old journal and my husband laughed so hard I had to make it. I recommend buying it as a mug: details
This is a direct copy of a funny intertitle in Charlie Chaplin’ film “The Kid”: details
Finally, an emblem based on a patch I embroidered by hand for my husband while we watched “Parks and Rec” over the phone while I lived and worked in Alaska for a year. It’s a bit late perhaps, but still cute and would look nice on a lapel button: details

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