Dream Small (2017)

I made a new side project this week, against better judgement--a twitter account dedicated to art people make based on dreams they had. Don’t worry, it’s not serious, but I did use it as an opportunity to try to correct and crop these snapshots of the drawings I made for a little art show I hung up at Chaco Canyon in Greenwood in 2017. I should have scanned them before framing, but live and learn, I guess!

Here they are arranged in general chronological order of when they were dreamed.

Ink drawing of a little girl in a red sweater engulfed and swept away by a giant wave as her parents call from the shore, telling her they don't have time to do this right now.
Swept Away, 2017. Ink and marker.
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100-Day Project: Faces (9-16/100) – comic book character portraits

I’ve been working on a comic book for some time, and am finally making progress on a manageable, short version of it. So, in service of this 100-day Project, I’ve double up a bit and have made some character portraits to use as reference as I go along. I’m still not sure this is the best style to complete the comic in–either for expression or for speed. But you need to know what people look like in order to simplify, I suppose.

First up we have Ute, a sort of old lady immortal werewolf character, smoking her pipe.

Photoshop portrait of an elfin old white woman smoking a pipe
Ute detail, photoshop, 7-28-2020
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100-day project: Faces [7-8/100] – mermaid alert!

Last week I tried to rustle up a donations drive to support the protestors getting their heads bashed in by local and federal law enforcement in Portland and Seattle, offering free mermaid artwork to those who participated. Only one person did! Let’s hear it for a real one, my friend Amanda. Here she is as a Mermaid.

Photoshop drawing of Amanda as a mermaid
Amanda as a mermaid. Photoshop, 7-30-2020
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