100-day project: Faces [7-8/100] – mermaid alert!

Last week I tried to rustle up a donations drive to support the protestors getting their heads bashed in by local and federal law enforcement in Portland and Seattle, offering free mermaid artwork to those who participated. Only one person did! Let’s hear it for a real one, my friend Amanda. Here she is as a Mermaid.

Photoshop drawing of Amanda as a mermaid
Amanda as a mermaid. Photoshop, 7-30-2020

Because I make the rules, this totally counts as my 100-day face project. Of course, I’ve already forgotten what day it is, so I’ve just been “trying” to do one “every day”…”or so.” To that end, here is a big-eyed character drawing since I’m on that kick.

Sketch of a girl character with big sparkling eyes.
Sketch of a girl character with big sparkling eyes, pen, 7-28-2020.

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