100-Day Project: Faces (4/100)

Today was a good day. Even though I am currently not employed, in the traditional sense, I am very engaged. I had an interesting dream before I woke up, and despite the heat and discomfort of the hot night I was very productive: Fixed up a job-seeking portfolio page, penciled a 50-foot panorama I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, sketched a bunch of shoujo eyeballs (Shoujo: Japanese teen girl-targeted comic books), made a delicious BLT sandwich…and scored two absolutely CHOICE garbage gems: a working, if rusty, push mower; and a vintage swiveling vinyl fashion chair that is the perfect height for my sewing efforts–no more turning my body into a question mark to thread the machine’s needle!

With all this going on, I nearly forgot to do my face a day, but I made it happen–behold:

Close up of anime style female character with sparkling eyes
Shoujo eyes study, Clip Studio Paint, 7-23-2020

For this I dipped my toes in the Japanese comic book-centered digital drawing software program, Clip Studio Paint. I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of it yet, and I’d like to add some more airbrushing effects to really sell that classic 1970s shoujo anthology cover look, but for today I think it’s all right.

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