Dream Small (2017)

I made a new side project this week, against better judgement--a twitter account dedicated to art people make based on dreams they had. Don’t worry, it’s not serious, but I did use it as an opportunity to try to correct and crop these snapshots of the drawings I made for a little art show I hung up at Chaco Canyon in Greenwood in 2017. I should have scanned them before framing, but live and learn, I guess!

Here they are arranged in general chronological order of when they were dreamed.

Ink drawing of a little girl in a red sweater engulfed and swept away by a giant wave as her parents call from the shore, telling her they don't have time to do this right now.
Swept Away, 2017. Ink and marker.
Ink drawing of a cartoon devil hangin in a hammock within a castle as the sky outside fills with lizards sillhouetees. He says, smiling, "enjoy the waking lizard hallucinations!
The Nightmare That Kept On Lizarding, 2017. Ink and marker.

The above dream I had when I was four, and continued to see things after I woke up. I was very upset, but my poor father didn’t know how to help me stop seeing the lizards.

Ink drawing of a timerous little girl wading into a swampy pond in a cavernous indoor space as a cooler girl paddles around and offers her friendship in a desultory fashion.
Swap Playmates, 2017. Ink and marker.
Ink drawing of a cube-head robot sitting in a pyramid amidst crates of cigars from the TinTin comics. Homer and Bart simpson run around in the background, Homer is worried his wife is cheating on him. The robot informs us "I took the myers briggs test and my personality type is RBTT."
RBTT, 2017. Ink and marker.
Ink drawing of a woman trying to text her friend and warn him to stay away from a beach because a cop is thretaening her with trespass, but the cop has replaced the fopnts on the phone with little icons of other cops' faces.
Trespasser, 2017. Ink and marker.
An ink drawing of a casually dressed young woman reclining proudly on thin air, smoking a cigarette. another woman stands on the ground next to her, exclaiming "Marvelous!" the floating woman says "I know."
Hadassah Had Moved Here and Learned to Hover, 2017. Ink and marker.
Ink drawing of a young woman climb the steep hill on Madison street as a streetcar travels down the road, saying such inane things as "how are clouds made? No one know! What's in side them? Bread?" and the young woman says "Gross! but, we do need a streetcar here." The large lettering at the top of the drawing reads "Ben Carson is a sentient streetcar!??"
Ben Carson is a Sentient Streetcar, 2017. Ink and marker.
Ink drawing of Ramsay Bolton from Game of thrones, standing in his underpants and showing the sweter he is wearing to a cheesemonger at the farmer's market. The Cheesemonger says "Yes, Ramsay, your sweater is accursed and it's meant for a child anyway, why even wear it? " and aRamsay says "It was all I could find after leaving all my clothes in the barn when the cops came."
Ask the Cheesemonger, 2017. Ink and marker.

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