Art Sale 2020!!

I am cleaning out my studio space to make room in which to do more art, and I have some 30-odd pieces of art I need either to sell soon or bury in peat for a future civilization of lemming-people to shrug at.

A purchase today will save these from uncertain fate! With frame as pictured or without if you really hate frames, or if like me you expect the peat to do its job. All available at a discount: $15-$75 plus shipping! If you live in King County I can deliver or meet you somewhere. I have priced these by size instead of by how well I thought they turned out, which I am given to understand is more fair: 11×17 is $75, 8×10 is $30, and 4×6 is $15.

The images below have a reference number written on, please email this to me at and we can make arrangements promptly!
Or, use the handy form at the bottom of this page to submit it through this browser window.

Snapshot of a drawing of a confident pedestrian woman.
“Beerwen” from the “My Patronus” series, 2018. For sale, $75

More below:

“Maxims of George Washington”, 2010. For sale, $30 each.
“Warm feelings”, 2011. For sale, $30 each.
Snotty Sentiments from “Dispel”, 2013. For sale, $30 each.
Painful sentiments from “Dispel”, 2013. For sale, $30 each.
Art from “Dream Small”, 2018. Pieces 020 and 021 are for sale, $30 each. But 022, “Swamp friend” and 023, “Big Wave” are Reserved!
Art from “Dream Small”, 2018. 025 and 026 are for sale, $30 each. 024 and 027 are reserved!
Update: Damn Spot is RESERVED! But I now have prints for sale:
” Handy Mnemonic”, 2019 is still for sale, $30.
“Havan, ringing chimes of the mind”, and “Demigod Luckcatcher”, 2019. $30
Lawn Chairs waiting for a parade that never comes, 2019. For sale, $15 each—Only 033 is available anymore!

So, please email me at if you like any of these even a little bit, before they go back underground!
Or use this handy form to submit your message and I will get back to you swiftly:

(form taken out because sale is over, but you can email me if you see something you like, such as the darts man above, etc)

It’s confirmed, this form does work! Thanks for reading, friends.

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