Color doodles in Illustrator

I got used to using Adobe Illustrator when I was a young newspaper graphic designer, using it to build all manner of ads, coupons, and promotional graphics. It’s really fun once you get the hang of it, would recommend.

(Oh man, I just had a horrible memory of listening to a much cooler graphic designer who worked at a skateboard apparel company tell me that he would routinely design 60-page catalogs in Adobe Illustrator, something it was not built to do and at the time not really capable of doing. [for reference, you should use a document design program like InDesign] I was appalled, and frankly, concerned for his health. I hope he’s doing better now.)

Anyway, I made some color doodles while trying to make this blog yesterday. I had fun and they look cute.

Color field of lurid wavy wide green and orange lines.
Inspired by the fashions of the ’60s. Color doodle 1, Adobe Illustrator, 7-19-2020
Color field of a teal background with lime green spots scattered below wide pink ribbons looping from left to right asymmetrically, and a top later of thin white wavy lines running parallel across the entire field.
Inspired by the fashions of the ’80s. Color doodle 2, Adobe Illustrator, 7-20-2020
Color field of lurid green and white lines snakingback towards and away from themselves with sharp angles on a purple background.
Inspired by the fashions of the ’70s. Color doodle 3, Adobe Illustrator, 7-20-2020

I hope to do more later, but we’ll see.

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