100-Day Project: Faces [1/100]

In the past, I’ve struggled to complete projects that takes longer than one sitting. But, life circumstances have changed a lot since COVID-19 began, and I feel it’s worth a try to build in a daily art practice with a “100-Day Project.” This will be a challenge, but if I succeed, well–that’ll be something!

I hope to learn more about the materials available to me, but my main goal is to find joy in the experiment, to connect with people in some way (remember other people? I miss other people.), and to practice staying organized.

If I am successful, and do not miss any days due to illness or whatever, I will complete this 100-day project on November 4, 2020.

Pencil drawing with watercolors, a self-portrait of a brunette white woman with freckles and a double chin, wearing her hair back so it looks short in the picture and an orange shirt. She has brown eyes and a labret piercing centered under her lower lip.
Self-portrait, watercolor, 7-20-2020. 1/100 in a series (THAT’S THE PLAN ANYWAY)

I think it’s a bit serious in expression, but when in doubt, draw a self-portrait, right?

I used notebook paper, which doesn’t work very well with the toy watercolors, in the hope these low quality materials would help me keep from getting too precious with it.

This took about an hour, sitting in the shade on the deck we’ve built next to the trash cans. One down, 99 more to go!

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